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STC-300 ATC Superabrasive Turning Center

STC-300 ATC Superabrasive turning machine offers 8 wheel automatic wheel changer for use with plated, vitrified and conventional grinding wheels. Multiple grinding operations requiring several wheel shapes and finishing characteristics can be performed in a single set-up. Wheel dresser disk is mounted on the work spindle to provide profile dressing of wheel shapes.

The STC-300 ATC is equipped with a cam type auto-loader, which makes it an excellent platform for high volume automotive powdered metal applications such as grooving drive sprockets and slotting synchronous rings. It is also ideal for heavy material removal applications, particularly from barstock.

The three axes (X/Z/C) STC-300 ATC utilizes a substantial high tensile Meehanite base to provide superior rigidity and vibration dampening for efficient high speed superabrasive machining. The STC-300 has been designed for operator and maintenance efficiency.

The linear guide ways have no contact with the grinding swarf which drops to the bottom of the machine for transfer to the sump. The grinding wheel is easily accessible enabling safe, simple wheel changes and the spindle belt can be changed from a convenient access panel on the side of the machine. The STC-300 ATC is an efficient 99 sq. ft. footprint yielding tremendous productivity per square foot of floor space.

Using a standard 50 HP, 9,000 RPM belt driven grinding spindle and a 11 HP, 3,500 RPM work spindle motor, the STC-300 ATC is capable of heavy material removal. X axis feedback is provided by a Heidenhain scale and a Fanuc based operator panel with over-ride switches is standard.




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